Breast Reduction Cost :

First and foremost, each breast reduction is different and so the cost is different. To give you a ball bark number, it would be around $2500 - $3000. Each doctor is able to set his or her own price for the surgery.

Other things that are a consideration:
The type of surgery
The location of the surgery (flight costs)
The complications and loss of work

Type of Surgery

There are many different types of breast surgery. The most common, (standard reduction) is going to cost about $5500 dollars including travel expenses. Check into your insurance provider for amounts that can be covered.

Nipple Reduction Only: $1500
This is where they only reduce the size of your nipples, this is a cosmetic type of surgery and is not going to be covered by any health insurance.

There are methods of getting a breast reduction without surgery but there is no known scientific knowledge of it working

The Location

The location of the surgery is going to be adding a huge cost to your total amount. If you're living in a town with a doctor that provides breast reductions and you're happy using him or her, then there is no extra cost. The doctor in your town is also going to have to be available and sometimes this leads to travel expenses.

Complications and Loss of Work

If you're like many of the people who need extensive amounts removed, you can expect to have at least 7 days in recovery (hospital time and at home) before you're even able to think about going back to work. If you have time off saved up and can have this covered that's fine, but if not you're going to have to consider the fact that you will not be getting paid for this time away.

Like any surgery, there can be complications. This means that you may have to go back in to the hospital for the more surgery. It's quite rare to have this happen, but it can come up at the most unexpected times. Make sure to ask your doctor about needing to come back in for more surgery.

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